Huu Trùc «Howdy» ist the founder of the Bamboo! He was born in the Canton-Hospital of St.Gallen, raised up and lives in St.Gallen. Someday he wanted to bring fresh and healthy asian cuisine to St.Gallen. But it was a long way to go. At first he cooked all dishes together with his mother and sister.

Howdy says that there were days when he only ate rice with soy sauce to save money for his dream – an own restaurant. In 2014 the dream become true and he opened his own restaurant! And even better; in 2017 and 2018, Howdy and his team won the award for the «Best Home Delivery Service» in Switzerland! And this has its reason! Anyone who has ever eaten at Bamboo appreciates the food here very much! At Bamboo you can eat Janapese and Vietnamese Cuisine. And by the way «Trùc» means Bamboo in Vietnamese.

Howdy made also a few trips though Asia! When he relaxes and retreats, he likes to go for a hike in the Alpstein with a «Rösti» in the «Aescher» and a visit in the Seealpkäserei. | Facebook | Instagram