Saint Gallen

I’m a proud Saint Gallen Citizen. I wasn’t born here and didn’t raised here but i call this city my home since 2001. When someone asks me what they should know when visiting Saint Gallen for the first time, I don’t always know where to start as there’s so many things to do in Saint Gallen. I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay Saint Gallen!

Walk it!

I recommend you to walk in Saint Gallen! The city is not that big and it’s enjoyable! If you need to go further take the train, a taxi or a bus.

The Swiss rail network is a wonder. Taxis are generally very expensive in Switzerland and if you’re in a rush, traffic will make it about the same speed (or slower) than by bus. Sometimes, walking is even faster. Train and Bus etiquette includes not making eye contact. Of course you’re allowed to look around, but don’t be that creep who stares directly at someone the whole time. It’s weird and creepy.

There are no subways in St.Gallen. For a reasonable price, you can also rent a car with a navigation system. You need to show your international driver’s license and passport to rent a car. You can even take a helicopter
tour over the cathedral – depending on your budget (

Saint Gallen is a great location if you want to add on an exciting day trip to your holiday! Zurich is one hour by train.

Eat all the delicious food

Here are some of the foods and drinks you have to try…


Saint Gallen is safe most of the time, but you need to use your common sense and not leave your items out unattended. Even train stations close to midnight were totally safe without any unsavoury characters! If you’re not feeling good about a situation, get out of there. I generally don’t like walking in parks late at night.

Friendly locals

The Swiss in this part of the country are friendly. No one will hassle you on the street and the tourist presence is minimal but if you need anything you can stop anybody on the street and they will try their best to help you.


The bodensee is perfect for swimming in clean, warm water. It’s also okay for sailing and boating on a windier day. The lake also has some waves due to the sheer size of it. And due to the town being so safe you can take a swim late in the evening without being worried.

Säntis or Chäserrugg
The scenic viewpoint is available to people of all fitness levels due to cable cars going up to the top. Of course you can also hike up and take the cable car return. Take some gorgeous selfies at 2502+ meters above sea level (Säntis) or 2262+ (Chäserrugg) and soak in the view.

Tourist Information

Get all your answers here. The friendly staff will welcome you with really good, exciting and informative city tours. Here you can find brochures, guides and all sorts of information for the perfect stay. I really recommend you to do a tour!
Bankgasse 9 |

At least

Keep exploring! Saint Gallen is magical. Anything can happen in Saint Gallen.

Have you been to Saint Gallen? Did you fall in love with Saint Gallen? What did you like the most? What inspires you the most?

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