This is the man behind the paradise in the Botanical Garden St.Gallen – and this since January 1986! Hanspeter is a passionate man that can talk for hours raving about plants and of course the Botanical Garden.

I met Hanspeter trough my father and attended his lecture about the plants in New Zealand. He is a very sociable and humorous man. And he knows in my opinion almost everything about plants (even all the Latin terms). He knows exactly what types of plants can acclimate to certain environments and how to care for them so they can thrive. Hanspeter does not only know everything about organic fertilizer, he also has a broad knowledge of medicinal herbs as well: organic herbs that can prevent or cure various diseases and ailments.

One evening he explained the functions of the scents of the plants. These are pollination, seed distribution, milling protection and communication together. So there are scents that attract flies and we dislike, while an evening primrose only smells when it’s dark and attracts moths with it. There are orchids they smell for example of vanilla or cinnamon.

His job is incredibly diverse! So he is also an mushrooms expert. And above all, the botanical garden is also here for saving dying plants from extinction. Once a scientist said one in five of the world’s plants is in danger of extinction. Botanic Gardens all over the world help to protect around 40 per cent of endangered species of plants. Most of the plants are in danger because of humans cutting down forests for farming and cities, and because of pests and climate change.

«Plants are my passion.»

Hanspeter Schumacher

I asked him, if he noticed a general change in the last few years. He said that there are unfortunately more heat and dry phases. An because the plants drive out earlier, the late frost is more harmful. They need to pour more. When I ask him if he has a favorite plant he said, that he has to try to remain impartial. I really like the way he’s using humor.

His books
He wrote a book in 2013 about the Botanical Garden in St.Gallen. It’s a wonderfully guide with 168 Pages! Soon there will come an exhibition catalog about the new exhibition called «Winden, ranken, klimmen – wie Pflanzen klettern.» (wind, entwine, climb – like plants climb). It’s about the Plants Fuchsia and Ivy. Hanspeter Schumacher wrote already a lot of books … here you can see a few of them.

Buy this book about the botanical garden!If you like to know more… there are always exciting lectures and a lot of informations online!

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