Chris is a photographer based in St.Gallen. He has been enthusiast discovering the world of photography since he was a child. Since some years he has made his skill a profession and a way of life, capturing the beauty which lies all around us everywhere, every day. Chris visited a lot of countries and shares his passion for travel and photography with his audience on various social media plattforms.

He is an all-rounder photographer and his works span from natural landscapes and street photography to drone photography as well as portraits. His passion for photography has accompanied him throughout his life and brought him to the point where he has decided to take up this art as his second profession.

Travelling always inspires him over and over and influences his work. His picture language is characterized by harmony and aesthetics. But Chris also like always to come back to St.Gallen, which’s the place he calls Home.

I met Chris on Instagram, where I have been following him for several months. In February we met for a photoshoot and spent some hours together. We talked a lot about photography and share the same passion.

Chris favorite Place in Saint Gallen is the Gallusplatz. It’s the place where he like to go when he want to relax. It’s an obvious place of escaping the constraints of the life around us. If you like to see his work, just go on his Website. There you can find his Portfolio or follow him on Instagram – like I do.

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