Whether you’re looking for a gift for friends, colleagues, or even just something to remember your trip by, head to Konigs! It is in my opinion the best lighting store in St.Gallen. Here you can buy something that is sustainable and will give the recipient one a long-lasting pleasure.

We’ve always needed lighting in our homes, but shopping for lights has become so much more fun with endless stylish, affordable lighting options available and places online (Pinterest) to find inspiration. The possibility to find the right lighting solution for your own personal taste is always a challenge, Konigs is willing to take on. Konigs is a professional lighting store with knowledge in the interior and exterior lighting business. Therefore they offer you a great variety of lamps in different styles – from classical to modern, as well different sorts of bulbs, textile cables, sockets, canopy and lighting accessories. But they don’t just sell lamps, they say they sell also emotions. Because every customer can create his own individual and unique lamp – everything is individually selectable!

Konigs started very small! Four years ago everything took place in Marc and Esther’s own apartment. Then they found a room on the Güterbahnhofstr. 8. Since 2018 the store ist now on Güterbahnhofstr. 2. And now, they have enough space for their beautiful lights!

Light Bulb
I think everyone of us has a problem when we want to buy a new light bulb… there are two things we have to know: 1. Lumens is a measurement of brightness, or how much light a bulb gives off. More lumens = more light. A normal light bulb with 60 Watt got around 800 Lumens. 2. Kelvins is a measurement of color temperature, or how warm (yellow) or cool (blue) the light is. A 4000K bulb is cooler than a 3000K bulb. 5000K is daylight. If you don’t remember this, when you’re there, it’s not a problem – they’ll help you!

You feel their love for what they do, when you stand in their shop, drinking a coffee and talking with Marc, Esther or Christof. They created their own table lamp called «WunschLicht» (Lightwish). It’s the perfect gift for everyone! It’s produced regionally and made of Swiss wood! That’s Swiss Quality! When you buy it, you could pick the beautiful «Love» Bulb! Isn’t it beautiful?

Pendant Light Craft by Sibylle Bichsel
They designed together with Sibylle Bichsel (Appenzeller Kunstgiesserei) a special pendant light. These are made by using iron or silicone molds. Sybille Bichsel pours different animals from pewter (cow, bull, goat, ibex) according to the old and traditional rules of the handcraft. This requires a lot of experience and tact.

Textile Extension Cord
As the only one in Switzerland, Konigs sell their own textile extension cord in 18 different colors for 3 or 5 meters and of course a lot of textile cables.

So and now… might the light lead you to this beautiful place!

Where to find?

Güterbahnhofstrasse 2 | konigs.ch | Instagram | Facebook


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