I ended up being asked recently about the most useful apps that I’ve downloaded during my 17+ years living in St.Gallen.  It took me a while to dig through my phone, but this post will be an overview of my favorite apps and some others that my friends swear by.  I hope this post is helpful for any foreigners…

Apps (will be updated continuously)

The University is a place of art. An overview of the many works on show can be found in this app. From Alberto Giacometti over Roman Signer to Gerhard Richter.
App Store / Google Play

R-City Guide
Walk the reformation way…
App Store / Google Play

Ohne Senf
All events in St. Gallen. Always and everywhere with it, also offline.
App Store / Google Play

Walk the textile way
App Store / Google Play

Find a place to stay.
App Store / Google Play

Websites (will be updated continuously)

st.gallen-bodensee.ch – Tourism Information Website
wohi.sg – Best Places to be and see with beautiful pictures
heute.sg – What’s up tonight?
couchsurfing.com – Stay by a local
cityvibes-sg.ch – Enjoy St.Gallen like a local
saiten.ch – Local Magazin
Tagblatt.ch and St.Galler Nachrichten – Local Newspaper
ateliervisite.ch – Interviews with Saint City Artists
kuenstlerarchiv.ch – A lot of Artists in East Switzerland