There are many delights which must be tried at least once. Here are some delicious drinks you should be sure to sample! Be sure to try them! Travelers know one of the best things about visiting a new place is trying the local cuisine. And while you are at it, don’t forget the regional beverages as well. Let’s try them all! Proost!

The best Coffee in town you’ll find at the Barista – Specialty Coffee & Bar and Kaffeehaus. There is no better coffee in the city than there…

Café melange
Maybe not the best, but the most loingly made one you ever drank. The Owner ist so charming and give you also a bar of Chocolate and always a good advice!
Café Zentrum | Blumenmarkt | Neugasse 12

At s’Teeblatt you can taste a lot of different types of tea.

Ice Tea
Best homemade ice tea in the city!

Moroccan tea
Habibi – poured tea from a great height!

Local Beer
We from St.Gallen love to drink beer just as much as we philosophize about the taste of beer with friends. A small bottle of beer fits neatly into your luggage, making it an ideal holiday gift from St.Gallen.
Schützengarten – Beer by the oldest Brewery from Switzerland (1779)
Biergarage – Beer brewed by Adrian Schmid
Bleischcraftbeer – Beer brewed by Marco Bleisch
Hermann Bier – Beer brewed by Marco Hermann

The best drinks you’ll find at the Südbar!

Don Pedro Bar!

This should be your last destination, before you go home after a long night out and the reason for having a nightcap. You may drink a «Springbock» only once in a lifetime – well, the current record is ten in one night.
Bagutta | Engelgasse 9 |

Do you know any other popular drinks in St.Gallen? Contact me!