There are a few people in this city, who believe in it! And who try to change some things. Like for example this rumor: All inhabitants are conservative and narrow-minded. In fact: Perhaps there are some of them in this city like everywhere else but there are also others – Melanie and Marcio are some of them.

On the 4th december they opened a pop-up-store on Poststrasse and startet her new project leerraum-sg. It’s about using vacant spaces in the city. And across the city, over 50 properties are vacant (more informations). A vacant space is a good asset and high marketing channel for his owner. But the most profitable way to promote a space for rent is actually showing it while it’s active. This way, potential tenants can see its use instead of an empty space and the surrounding street value can increase as well. Through pop-up stores empty spaces come alive. By keeping the storefront active, even through a short-term commitment, the surrounding area (and rents) will benefit as well.

But this store is so much more for me. For me, this store is not just an oasis in everyday life, no it’s is also a possibility for me as an artist to show my objects and to sell them.

LadenCafé – A Showroom for local artists

This shop brings together interesting and carefully selected local artists. These are some of them:
Wohnkiosk, Irini (Handmade Jewelry), Laura Prim, J.Grubenmann, Stadtlandkind, Sockstar-Monster, Stuntarts, Atelier MDJB, Denise Sigrist, Tannino Gallo, Kinderbuch Galinka, Nosho Tassen, Gonchar,…

At least, it’s a good thing and definitely worth a visit! This shop is open until the end of february.

LadenCafé, Poststrasse/Schützengasse 10, 9000 St.Gallen

Foto by
LadenCafé by Melanie Diem and Marcio Ferreira