St. Gallen’s diversity is reflected in its dining scene, which is shaped by chefs that honor tradition but delight in breaking the rules. From candlelit trattorias famous for soulful pasta to future-forward eateries with progressive cuisine, here’s my Guide to the area’s defining dining and brunch experiences.

This page is constantly updated!

Kafi Franz (with courtyard)
A little pearl a bit outside of the old town with excellent homemade cakes, quiches and dishes. Every dish is prepared freshly. You also have to try out their homemade iced tea – it’s delicious. There is an especially good brunch every Sunday from 9 am-2pm.
Linsebühlstrasse 35 |

They cook incredible stews with meat, fish or vegetables. The meat, but also
the vegetables are sourced from regional suppliers. For starters, there is a bowl of salad, which can all be served simply at the table. The staff is very charming and kind!
Brühlgasse 30 |

Sushi Bar Wasabi
Take a seat at the bar in front of the running sushi and enjoy the fresh sushi and sashimi. I love this place as it is entertaining and the food is very good. This does take a while to eat, so make sure you have the time to sit and enjoy! My recommendation: try the Japanese beer «Kirin».
Engelgasse 15 |

Baratella (with courtyard)
You can get delicious pasta with huge portions in a great atmosphere with an easy-going crowd. The big, quiet courtyard with stunning plants invites you for further drinks and a long stay. If you love tiramisu, you must try theirs!
Unterer Graben 20 |

Schwarzer Engel
This alternative restaurant is in the middle of the popular «Bermuda Dreieck» and has a comfortable atmosphere with a courtyard. In the evenings it’s a wonderful, relaxing place. It is a good place to drink beer, make new friends and play chess. Sometimes there is live music.
Engelgasse 22 |

Lagerhaus (with courtyard)
They serve high-quality food and especially excellent meat in an elegant and modern atmosphere. Their lamb rack is delicious as well as their different steaks. Here you can also eat the best truffled mashed potatoes you’ve ever eaten!
Davidstrasse 42 |

The «Drahtseilbähnli» is located in the old town. The dishes are really Swiss.
It’s hard to choose something. Assuming, of course, that you love cheese. The Restaurant is also very traditional. Every Saturday and Sunday there is a brunch buffet from 9am-2pm.
St.Georgenstrasse 3 |

The charm of the place comes from the crowd – mostly authentic suburban inhabitants and some seniors. Here you can go for a beer and something to eat. You have to try out their extraordinary Cordon Bleu. But be aware: If you’re there, you’ll never want to leave.
Rosenbergstrasse 48 |

Himalaya Tibet Restaurant
This is a extremely good tibet restaurant. There is an excellent choice of meals also for vegetarians. Try their Mothuk (Momosoup) – it is superb!
Lustgartenstrasse 14 |

It is a positive experience to eat here. Ahmad, the owner, serves you the best Moroccan tea – poured from a great height.
Zürcherstrasse 42 |

Every Friday and Saturday they offer a Lebanese Buffet (7pm, all you can eat). The food is delicious and the staff is kind!
Oberer Graben 12 |

They have 13 Gault Millau points and that has its reason. They are pleased to spoil you exclusivly with regional food in the form of small appetizers.
Bankgasse 4 |

This is a true Italian restaurant since 1927 and the best you can find in Saint Gallen.
Gallusstrasse 39 |

Fondue Beizli
Located in the old town, this restaurant is renowned for its cheese fondue. Dip into this traditional Swiss dish, which many say is the best to be found in St. Gallen.
Brühlgasse 26 |

If it’s raining, this is the best address to spend the day. At the Lokremise there is an alternative cinema (, a restaurant (Lokal), an art museum and a contemporary theatre. If you’re interested, you can also take a look at the old water tower from outside (1906).
Grünbergstrasse 7 |

If you love burgers, then the «Stickerei» is the right place for you! They use highquality beef with melted cheese and other fresh garnishes and ingredients. You can choose between over ten different deluxe burgers. I would definitely recommend making a reservation.
Oberer Graben 44 |

It’s definitely the best take-away restaurant in St. Gallen! Fast soul food for everyone – also for vegetarians. I especially recommend the burritos, they are delicious! There are a lot of options to build your own burrito with fresh ingredients – just the way you like it.
Oberer Graben 3 |

La Vigna
Cozy and lively restaurant with the best «Tavolata» in the city! Enjoy a relaxed meal with family or friends – uncomplicated all the dishes will be put in the middle of the table and you can serve yourself. Wolfgang usually explains to all his guests personally what he has prepared in the kitchen. The wine list is fantastic and I simply love this restaurant for a romantic night out.
Engelgasse 12 |

Restaurant Falkenburg
Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere on the terrace with stunning views over the
city and the surroundings.
Falkenburgstrasse 25 |

Bistro Piz
This is a nice Bistro-Restaurant with perfect lunch offers! Bistro Piz is tight
but cozy, with warm lighting, plush seating and soft music. Antonia, the
owner is very friendly and welcoming. Oh and I forgot to mention that she bakes her own bread – which is delicious.
Gartenstrasse 8 |

For me, it is literally the best focaccia in Switzerland. You have the choice to pick your own ingredients for the focaccia between many tasty options. They also have a garden in the back of the first floor – very peaceful and relaxing.
Metzgergasse 22 |

The atmosphere is very cozy and they updated the buffet concept with a modern feel. I especially like the dessert buffet! It’s a vegetarian and vegan restaurant with fresh seasonal dishes and pimped-up salad bar. From breakfast through to your evening meal.
Bahnhofsplatz 1A |