Do you know the movie «Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium»? This shop may be not for kids, but you’ll feel like one when you come into the shop. Everything is like living and the wonder never stops. There is a lot to discover in every corner. This shop is run by Bea and Stephan who are passionate about brocante, arts and crafts and ceramics.  This is like a «cabinets of curiosities and wonder» – lots of trinkets for the magpie in your life.

But let’s start from the beginning. Bea works since 1,5 years in the shop «Töpferschiibe am Gallusplatz» while her husband Stephan works as a lawyer. They are passionate brocanteurs and for me they are like modern treasure hunters. Before they took over the store, an old woman ran the store for over 50 (!) years. In this shop, you will find mainly antique and vintage items from France. Most of the antique things may have signs of wear and tear but that’s what makes them unique and gives them stories. And that store is also a reason why people from Ticino, France or Holland came to St.Gallen.

Here you can shop for furniture and pretty much everything for your interior. Bea and Stephan also carry other things for living: jug lamps, chunky knits blankets, scented candles or candles from the «Seifenmuseum» by Vasco Hebel. You can also find old christmas tree ornaments from the period from 1900 to 1960. But that’s not enough local artisans and from countries nearby sell their finely crafted handcrafts. Like for example Pya Hug, Maria Palatini, Monika und Olga Drescher, Hans Fischer, Irene Gaiarin, Michele Kuntz and many more.

If you go there and you don’t find something you like, don’t hesitate to ask, if you can see also their storage room at Gallusstrasse 40, perhaps there you can find the jewel you look for. And now, let yourself be enchanted and visit this lovely shop!

Cathedral Soap

If you are looking for a beautiful souvenir, how about this soap? Buy it in the online shop or at the Töpferschiibe am Gallusplatz.

Where to find?

Gallusstrasse | instagram/toepferschiibe_am_gallusplatz


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