The house dates back to 1564. Some components are older, like the construction of a roof structure from the year 1420. The «Sternenerker» (Star-oriel) is much younger than the house: it was built in 1699, at a time when St.Gallen many new oriels were created because the linen trade went well. Still more recent is the balustrade with the six-pointed star; it is dated 1765.

The builder of the «Sternenerker», Daniel Kunkler (1658-1727), had five brothers and eight sisters. The brothers also lived in imposing houses with oriels: Andreas lived in the «Blue Sky», Laurenz in the «Kugelerker», Johannes  in the «Rainbow» and Hans Jacob in the «Trading House». The family Kunkler were originally craftsmen and traditional Members of the tailor’s guild, who was big and influential in St.Gallen. Their lifestyle, however, suggests that they theirs Prosperity probably owed more to the linen trade than to the craft.

The single-storey oriel is built of stone and resembles strong the house next to «Bärenerker» three houses further (No 13). He is made from the same hand.

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