Whether you’re searching for the best souvenir, a unique vintage dress or the latest designer handbag, Saint Gallen has the perfect shop for you. Hunt for antiques, score some limited-edition trainers or sample local delicacies. Take a look at the list below and start planning your next shopping trip.

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POP-UP STORE LadenCafé (Decembre 18 – February 19)
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Poststrasse | leerraum-sg.ch

Baumgartner Kaffee The «Baumgartner Kaffee» is located in the old town and is very popular with locals and tourists. For over 200 years this specialist for coffee and tea exists in the heart of St.Gallen. In addition to their great coffee product range, they also have more than 200 different types of tea.
Multergasse 6 | baumgartnerkaffee.ch

Blüten & Blatt In this flower shop, you will not only find flowers and plants, but also very lovely stuff and beautiful gift cards. Whether you need a birthday present or planning a wedding – they have a variety of highest quality plants and florals.
Schmiedgasse 26 | bluetenundblatt.ch

Boutique Roma Since 1974, Roma stands for «Research of mastermind artists» and promotes a consistent selection of unique avantgarde designer brands from around the world. The products are often handmade, of high-quality, in limited quantities and available exclusively at Roma.
Neugasse 46 | boutique-roma.ch

Buchhandlung zur Rose Wherever you are in the world, visiting a bookshop is always a treat – you can stay there for hours. In 2017 this bookstore has been voted the best in Switzerland. Besides the books, the house is also very interesting – it unites various building epochs and dates from 1574.
Gallusstrasse 18 | buchhandlungzurrose.ch

Collage.sg Daniela Sabato is always looking for special objects for her stunning vintage shop. You can find cool and valuable things like mirrors, lamps, embroidery, design classics, antiques, curiosities, chairs, rarities and everything that attracts the collector’s heart.
Lustgartenstrasse 12 | collage.sg

Doodah Outlet Since 1998, this is the best skate, snowboard and streetwear shop in St.Gallen.
Neugasse 35 | doodah.ch

Enoi Schmuck Lovely shop hidden down the alleys of Saint Gallen. There are lots of great handmade jewelry crafted by Elia and Eva.
Hinterlauben 13 | enoi.ch

Fizzen Fizzen does young, loud, distinct fashion, offering a range of small international brands. They also have lovely decorative items.
Schmiedgasse 16 | fizzen.ch

Glenfahrn For over 30 years they have been searching for special and rare distillates from all over the world. The product range includes new and innovative bottlings, as well as classics, specialties and rarities from the areas of Whisk(e)y, Rum, Cognac, Grappa, Port, Sherry, Gin, Vodka, Brandy, among others.
Webergasse 7 | glenfahrn.com

Goldmarie You love vintage, second-hand, design, fashion, an individual look, quality and «savoir vivre»? Then you are exactly right in this boutique.
Schützengasse 6 | goldmarie.ch

Holenstein Hüte If you enter this fabulous store, it is almost like stepping back in time to the year 1923. There are a lot of different hats, beanies and caps in almost every style. If you are a hat lover, you probably won’t leave without a purchase.
Poststrasse 25 | modes-holenstein.ch

Jeanswerk There is a perfect pair jeans for everyone – it’s just a case of finding a style that suits your shape. Here you’ll find the perfect one for you!
Spisergasse 20 | jeanswerk.ch

Kinderbuchladen This is a lovely children’s bookstore of the special kind. There you find a really good range of children’s books and the perfect story for the little one. When I was a child, I loved all the swiss books of «Baski» – a little wooden doll.
Kugelgasse 10 | kibula.ch

Klang und Kleid It was once an extraordinary shop and now it is cult. A corner in the shop is dedicated to analog photography, in another, you find some curious costumes and clothes, books, postcards, accessoires, movies or vintage posters. In between, shelves full of vinyl records from «The Clash» to «Ike Turner». Check out their online-shop.
Torstrasse 20 | klangundkleid.ch

Konigs Lighting is a big part of our everyday lives. Good lighting is especially important as it can affect how a room looks and feels, and can ultimately affect how you look and feel. Here you can design your own lamp and if you’re looking for a light bulb that nobody else has, this is your place.
Güterbahnhofstrasse 2 | konigs.ch

LadenCafé I like this place so much. It sell’s things from local artists.
Poststrasse |more Informations

Lavka This creative shop sells noble designed items at reasonable prices – you can find a proper present for anyone. They pay particular attention to the items that are accomplished by smaller manufacturers who produce their goods with ecological materials.
Burggraben 16 | lavka-lavka.ch

Lüchinger Galerie If you’re a Christmas fanatic like I am, then this is a must-see. It’s full of magical Christmas ornaments and lights. Across the Gallusplatz, you can find lots of lovely bits and pieces to put on your mantlepiece or on your Christmas tree. It’s a girls’ heaven in there.
Webergasse 26 | weihnachts-deko.ch

Lüchinger This is an old and very lovely bookshop existing since 1942.
Magnihalden 3 | antiquariat-luechinger.de

Martel They sell a wide range of excellent highquality wine from «the Best Buy» to the «Grand Vin». This place is owned by superb people who care about what they do since 1876.
Poststrasse 11 | martel.ch

Tarzan This place is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, because you’ll be speechless. Here you’ll find all the cool and highquality clothes. Textiles have always been a big topic in St.Gallen and Tarzan is for sure one of the most interesting shops concerning streetwear.
Spisergasse 40 | tarzan.ch

Nanna bunte Küche If you want to buy some spices, this is the perfect place. When you enter the colorful store, it smells deliciously of cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla and orange. Here you will find an extraordinary range of noble spices, spice mixes, cereals, rice and noodle mixes and sweets.
Burggraben 27 | nanna.ch

Newman & Paul Not sure where to shop men’s clothing? Right here you’ll come to the right spot. This is a store for the man with fashionable demands. Products that you buy will become your favorite pieces because they will suit you perfectly.
Schützengasse 6 | mrnewman.ch

Platzhirsch They stock unique frames from different decades at such reasonable prices. The frames are so amazing, it can be hard to choose.
Vadianstrasse 15 | platzhirsch.sg

Schiff, Schiffchuchi This stationery store sells a fabulous selection of greeting cards, pens, pencils, gifts and more since 1845. If you’re looking for some postcards – here you can find a fine selection of niceties. They also have an own bistro where they sell healthy and fresh food.
Marktgasse 5 | schiffchuchi.ch, schiff.ch

Späti Boutique In the «Späti Boutique» (since 1983) you’ll find a lot of different postcards, bags, notebooks and dishes and all kind of gifts in all shapes and colors. Here is where you can find the perfect gift for friends and family members.
Spisergasse 20 | boutiquespaeti.ch

Schneider Schuhe Opened in 1832, this is the oldest shoe factory in Switzerland. Today, the seventh generation runs the family business. They sell foot-healthy and comfort shoes.
Goliathgasse 5 | schneiderschuhe.ch

Stadtladen They sell a wide range of fresh and regional organic, bio and natural products including fruit and vegetables.
Katharinengasse 12 | stadtladen.ch

Stoff und So This Fabric shop is a real beauty with a great selection of prints and hip patterns. They also have a lot of fun prints, especially for kids. The careful selection of fabric types and patterns in warm, harmonious colors makes it easy to find the right fabric.
Vonwilstrasse 5 | stoff-und-so.ch

The Closet Life’s too short to wear boring clothes. If you’re a fashion lover then this is a paradise to be in! They sell new clothes, shoes and accessories every month!
Brühlgasse 34 | thecloset.ch

Töpferschiibe am Gallusplatz This shop is run by Beatrice and Stephan who are passionate about Brocante, arts and crafts and ceramics. They also carry other things for a living: jug lamps, chunky knits blankets, scented candles or candles from the regional candle factory Hongler.
Gallusstrasse 33 | toepferschiibe.ch

Trüffelschnüffler In the Middle Ages, the city of St.Gallen was protected by a city wall with six big gates. This house is about 300 years old and in the shop itself, you can still see the original city wall from back then. Here you can buy some gifts, postcards, homemade sirup, jam or cake from Eva.
Zeughausgasse 14 | eva-appenzeller.ch

Watch Shop Swiss made watches are filled with craftsmanship and century-long knowledge. There is a large assortment of Tissot, Certina, Calvin Klein and Swatch watches.
Frongartenstrasse 15 | watchshop-calan.ch

Wohnkiosk At the «Wohnkiosk» you will find unique pieces with personality. Michaela, who’s the owner, sells gentle handmade products or redesigned furniture. Get inspired by all the different styles of lighting, the pillows and everything you need for decorations.
Linsebühlstrasse 59 | wohnkiosk.ch

ZolliBolli This store has a long history. It was opened 1856 and since then, ZolliBolli is the dreamland of every child. Here you will find a lot of toys, games, teddy bears, balloons and a lot more on several floors. They also offer a range of board games and classic card games.
Marktgasse 19 | zollibolli.ch

Lüchinger Galerie, Foto: Clarissa Schwarz, clarissaschwarz.com