361 Grad (mx3.ch/361grad)
Bit-Tuner (bit-tuner.net)
Bright (bright-music.ch)
Bungle Brothers (mx3.ch/bunglebrothers)
Dachs (dachsmusic.ch
Fraine (fraine.ch) Indie-Pop
Herr Bitter (herrbitter.ch)
Hopes & Venom (hopesandvenom.com)
Jas Crew (jas-crw.com)
Kaltehand & Natasha Waters (k-nw.ch)
Kolours (kolou.rs)
Knöppel (knoeppel.ch)
Lalier (lalier.ch)
Locque (mx3.ch/locque)
Manuel Moreno (manuelmoreno.ch)
Manuel Stahlberger (manuelstahlberger.ch)
Monet192 (instagram)
Posh (posh.ch)
Saint City Orchestra (saintcityorchestra.com) Folk-Punk
Silentbass (silentbass.ch)
Velvet Two Stripes (velvettwostripes.com)
Yes I’m very tired now (yimvtn.com) Scandinavian Indie-Pop


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