Before the renovation and reconstruction of the Museum of History, the workrooms and warehouses were housed in the «Kirchhoferhaus». Today there is an exhibition for children on the upper floor and a the art laboratory for children on the ground floor. The «Kirchhoferhaus» opens it’s doors every first Sunday of the month and invites young and old guests.

Colonel Johann Joachim Paul Kirchhofer (1825–1903)
Colonel Kirchhofer was born in St.Gallen in 1825. In the port cities of Genoa and Marseille, he is trained as a textile merchant and takes over the company of his father at the age of twenty. He opens up new markets in England. He speaks german, italian, french and english. In 1851 he was elected to the jury of the World’s Fair London by the Switzerland Federal council. How his father he becomes a partner of the embroidery and export company «Vonwiller». In 1856 he marries the nine years younger Sophie Johanna Hermine Gruber (22 years old)(1834-1908) from Rebstein and moves with her to the «Neubad» near the house «To Greif» (Gallusstrasse), where the company headquarters are located. He is a member of the municipal council, district judge and cantonal judge as well of the commercial directorate. 1863 he donated CHF 150000 to the construction of the 1909 inaugurated «St.Galler Tonhalle». In 1883, at the age of 58, Kirchhofer moved into his house on Museumstrasse 27. In 1892 he retires from the business. Kirchhofer creates a name as patron and benefactor and bequeathed also his house of the city. In 1903 he dies childless.

Built in the second half of the 19th century (1876), the building is notable for its Art Nouveau architecture as well as for its valuable ceiling stucco work.

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