In St.Gallen are over 111 bay windows – 32 are in the city center. The most famous one is the «Kamelerker» (Camel Oriel). The lower part of the «Kamelerker» was built in 1673. 47 years later, in 1720, the bay window was raised by one floor. This dichotomy is clearly visible.

Bay windows formed a characteristic element of the building of the upper classes. They developed out of the late medieval castle architecture, underlined the noble claim of the commercial families and served with the splendid design for the demonstration of the wealth.

The artist of the above section, although he made an effort to adapt his work to the lower predecessor, but his work is not so well thought out. The lower part of the «Kamelerker» was made by the artist David Friedrich. The upper part was made by his son Johannes Friedrich.

But where is the camel?

If you are looking for the camel… you will not find it. Unfortunately, when the house was renovated in 1986, this part was omitted. On old pictures you can clearly see the part with the camel…

The part with the camels can be visited in the Ethnographic Museum.


Where to find?

Spisergasse 22

More information

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