If you’re visiting St.Gallen, you’re probably salivating at the thought of the food in St.Gallen City. As a native, I got very hungry while writing this… but I hope that it provides some inspiration for some classic dishes and desserts that you must try in St.Gallen City.

Get ready for a culinary adventure in search of the best food that you can eat in St.Gallen. I’ve included also the best places to buy some famous foods in St.Gallen City.

Best Cinamon Cake in the world
Cinamon Cake in St.Gallen is a must. There is a reason why people rave about it. For the best cinamon cake in St.Gallen, in Summer I recommend going to the Milchhüsli and in Winter you can go to the Oya Bar Kafé to get one.

St.Galler Biber (Traditional gingerbread)
St.Gallen Biber is a traditional gingerbread with honey and nuts. In my opinion the best one is from Praliné Scherrer. But there are some other who also sell their Biber… just try out which you like the most.

Frozen Yogurt
The best frozen yogurt you get at Yogurtlandia! Choose everything you want!

New ideas… at Gnuss you get the best! Everything is homemade, with quality ingredients from the region.

There are so many great cupcake bakeries in St.Gallen City. But hey, look at the gallery from Tiara’s Bakery… it’s more than love and art mixed…

Capelli Panettone & Croissant
My personal version of heaven includes unlimited Capelli Croissants. Capelli Panettone & Croissants were created in St.Gallen by the Italian baker Pietro Capelli.

I generally don’t recommend eating at a random street food stand but there’s nothing like a giant salty pretzel after a long walk around. And Brezelkönig are really the kings of the pretzels!

Fondue Chinoise à discrétion
You will never eat a better one than this at Cafe Gschwend. They are famous for it!

Well, I’m not a big steak eater, but a lot of people get excited about steaks in St.Gallen City. Lagerhaus steaks are famous for a reason.

Gordon Bleue
The best Gordon Bleue you’ll find at the Perron Nord! Trust me!

In the Stickerei you find the perfect Music to the perfect Burger. Even for vegetarians!

Best Lasagne ever at Mama Assunta!

Best for a lot of pasta! Restaurant Baratella!

The best Fondue you’ll get at the Fondue Beizli.

Best for this traditional food is the Restaurant Drahtseilbähnli!

These are the best «Chäschuechli» ever! And I know every f… Chäschüächli in the city! Restaurant National zum Goldenen Leuen.

The best Cheese to buy is at the Chäslaube Kündig!

Do you know any other favourite foods from St.Gallen City? Contact me!

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