Why buy something new when the old is still so pretty? For me this store look like one of those lovely vintage stores which i loved so much in Berlin. Collage Vintage is a quaint, tasteful and cozy gem. It is full of surprising finds and treasures.

Located near the trainstation, it’s only a 4-min-walk. Across from the St.Leonhard Bridge and Church in the lovely St.Otmar district. The atmosphere around is pleasantly tranquil. The district is warm-hearted, peaceful and open-ness. Students live here right next to immigrants, families live next door to bohemians. People live here together in harmony and take time to talk. «Sometimes people just come to talk.» says Daniela.

Daniela Sabato is the curator, collector and owner of this lovely store. She is a warm and welcoming person. The store is open only on Friday and Saturday afternoon. Daniela runs this store next to her everyday job. «It’s only a hobby and a dream that i’ve full-filled.» While I’m there and take some pictures, an old man comes in and ask her, if she was on vacation. «There was no light the whole week and I like to bring you a old cot for sale.» he says.

Daniela fills every surface with something, so although the shop is small, the sheer volume of uncommon items tucked inside make it well worth the visit. There’s plenty to sort through, so set aside a good chunk of time for it. There’s an old desk filled with original embroidery, vintage lace, original swiss-quality Rössler tableware, small metal cans and much more. It is also home to a collection of old Mickey Mouse magazines. What else you can find here: books, some good seats, lamps, vinyl, glasses, toys, shoes, bags, jewelry, gloves, suitcases,…

This is neither a thrift shop (Brockenhaus), nor a brocante, nor a usual or boring second hand store. Daniela chooses the items that fits to her store and suit to her style very carefully – means: there is no junk. Over the last few years she select only the best products for her store.

For me, Collage Vintage is a nice possibility to enjoy «treasure hunting», and if you find a cute gem, you’ll feel like you’ve made a discovery and that is a very nice and priceless feeling! And perhaps this is also the place where you will ask yourself that question: «I don’t need it, but…» and you will buy it because it makes you heart jump with joy! Enjoy!

Where to find?

Lustgartenstrasse 12 | collage.sg | Instagram | Facebook