This is definitely a must see for every visitor! Based on a concept by the artist Pipilotti Rist, the architect Carlos Martinez and financed by the «Raiffeisen» bank, this art installation from 2005 creates a fascinating public space. 

The idea of the «City Lounge» was to create an activated public space to unite all the buildings in this area. The quarter consists of several residential, administration and bank buildings, shops, bars and restaurants. As in a child’s game, the idea of the Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist was to lift up all structural elements in the quarter, such as buildings, trees or street signs, and lay a red carpet underneath. At the same time, soft shapes placed beneath this carpet should invite people to sit or lay down and play. The public space became a living space for everybody.

When summer finally arrives in a proper way in our beautiful little country, the «City Lounge» shines in a aggressive red color which makes it good looking and absurd at the same time. Combined with modern and old architecture surrounding the square, it makes an awesome location for artificial photography or just tourist selfies. There’s even a special for the car enthusiasts. Just watch out for a Porsche 911 that some-how became part of the floor. In a side-street, you can also see the synagogue from 1880.

Go back there in the evening to see the lighting from the bizarre overhead hanging light bubbles. These lights change their colors depending on the weather.

Where to find?

Raiffeisenplatz |