The «Haus zur Ameise» is an artist run space and a house for exhibition for artists all over the world. As an artist you can rent one floor and make your exhibition here! The floor is open to all artists of various disciplines and experience (urban graffiti, film, dance, visual art, music, photography, sculptures,…).

I would say St.Gallen is a really creative city! We have a lot of artists in our city! But in my opinion the art scene in St.Gallen is hidden and spread all over the city. Everyone sits at the studio alone doing one’s own thing. There is no central point to meet each other, for sharing inspiration or exchanging ideas. There is no creative space or an exhibition room for more than one artist and there is no event which unites all artist. Yes sure, there are some houses and possibilities, where an artist can rent a studio. For example the ‘Dachatelier‘, the ‘Reithalle‘, the ‘Haus Famos‘, the ‘Lattich‘, the ‘Werkhaus 45‘ or the ‘Konsulat‘. But some of them are only places for interim use (pop-up) as if art in St.Gallen is unwanted…

In Fact: There is no place for example for street and urban artists, graffiti artists, comic-illustrators or unknown but talented artists who would like to show their works (for a reasonable rent). But this has an end now…

Now St.Gallen has the ‘Haus zur Ameise’ (house to the ant). It’s a dream come true! It’s a place for every artist and it unites all of us – whether old or young! It’s a place we can be proud of and I hope it grows and gets known locally and internationally!

Claudia Schildknecht (photography & tattoo), Mario Miles (illustration & animation) and Dodo Rüegg (illustration) rented this old house (built in 1834) from an wonderfully open-minded woman. They renovated it, painted the walls and asked local artists for their first grand opening/exhibition. The three (Claudia, Dodo and Mario) are independent artists and have their own studios in the house together with a modern shoemaker (instagram/taudi_sneakerflicker).

These are just some of the artists: Dario Forlin, Joel Roth, Jonathan Németh, Lika Nüssli, Manuel Stahlberger, Nico Kast, Sascha Tittmann,…

Some old stories…
In 1883 the “Augustinergasse” got its name. The house was built near the city wall. The city wall around the northern old town was laid down in the late 1830s /early 1840s.

Where to find?

Augustinergasse 17| Facebook/hauszurameise| Instagram/haus_zu_ameise


PS: Every year there is an event called Fünfstern, where some local artists open their door and you can visit their studios (next time: 13./14. Juni 2020). And the ‘Haus zur Ameise’ will be open at the ‘Museumsnacht‘.


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